The Cannabis Act – What May Happen to Clients?

The Cannabis Act – What May Happen to Clients?

Until you have already been residing under a rock, you have likely heard that Canada has passed away the Cannabis Act, and Cannabis will soon be offered for leisure adult use start 17, 2018 october.

But there’s an entire other sector within the Cannabis world that’s been nervously sat on the subs bench to observe how the whole adult-use market will influence them.

Needless to say, I’m referring to medical patients.

Regarding the streets, in clinics, conferences and online forums there clearly was one clear concern – what is going to occur to patients supply that is?

Ashleigh Brown, the creator of SheCann, said it is one of several primary concerns clients are asking.

“With adult-use legislation looming, we have been fielding concerns and concernsdaily Licensed that is regarding producers to guaranteeing patients usage of their cannabis that are medical” stated Brown. Read more