Police dogs can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana

Police dogs can’t tell the difference between hemp and marijuana

COLUMBUS — is it possible to show an old dog brand new tricks? And it is it worthwhile to test?

Those are concerns police departments throughout the state may be forced to inquire of by themselves, given that Ohio’s hemp-legalization that is new has cast a cloud over drug-sniffing dogs’ ability to give “probable cause” to conduct medication searches.

Because cannabis and hemp are both through the cannabis plant and smell identical, dogs can’t inform the huge difference, so both the Ohio Highway Patrol as well as the Columbus Division of Police are suspending marijuana-detection training for brand new police dogs to uncomplicate cause that is probable in court.

“The choice to prevent imprinting narcotic detection canines with all the smell of marijuana ended up being predicated on several factors,” including that the “odor of cannabis while the odor of hemp are identical,” stated Highway Patrol spokesman Staff Lt. Craig Cvetan.

Once your dog happens to be taught to identify a certain narcotic, they can’t be retrained to prevent responding to that particular odor, Cvetan stated. The hemp legislation might have. when it comes to 31 narcotic-detection canines presently implemented because of the patrol, “we are evaluating just what impact”

Most dogs are taught to strike on one or more medication — including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Nevertheless they respond the way that is same matter which medication they smell, Cvetan said.

This means officers don’t have any concept in the event that dog is striking on legal hemp or heroin, stated Dan Sabol, a Columbus criminal-defense lawyer.

“It’s extremely difficult for likely cause,” Sabol stated.

Sabol compared the problem to your dog taught to detect both unlawful medications and take out, with police using any dog hits on either once the probable cause to find someone on suspicion of unlawful medications. Read more