Black Education – Does Slavery Still Affect Us?

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Dating for black people

“An expert on hate groups said on one of the cable news shows today that there are about a dozen actual members of the New Black Panthers, according to their own headquarters in Georgia. A Google News search shows that there have been something like 1,520 stories that refer to them. That’s about 127 stories PER member of the New Black Panthers. They must have one hell of a press agent.” Funny, there’s no mention in any of the comments of the white supremacists who also paraded in Sanford, Florida.

The Fourteenth Amendment gave blacks citizenship and the Fifteenth Amendment gave them the right to vote. Blacks became free citizens of the United States, but many whites were not happy with this change. They felt that blacks should not be treated as citizens equal to whites. They passed laws to keep whites and blacks seperated. In 1896, the Supreme Court decided that the “separate but equal” facilities legalized in the South did not violate the 14th Amendment. Thus, blacks could not work with whites, live in the same neighborhoods or send their children to the same schools as whites. Even so, throughout the nation contributed to the betterment of our great country.

The obvious question about these types of crimes and the laws that allow them to go unpunished, is, how do I stand my ground? Am I allowed to stand my ground? If I can be followed or pursued, where exactly is my ground? Studies are already showing that minorities are overwhelmingly the ones killed in cases where Stand Your Ground Laws are invoked. As we also saw this same week, minorities have difficulty invoking the same protections when forced to resort to armed force. So how exactly do brown or black skinned people stand our ground?

I was involved in a car accident 11 years ago. I went to the Health Department to try to get my children Medicaid for 6 months. I had seizures in my legs from the Nerve Damage in my legs, I could not even sit up, and I had to get my doctor to sign a paper for me saying that I drove my pick up truck to the doctor everyday. The Health Department again said that my husband made to much money. I was refused any disability. My husband worked 20 hours a day to keep a roof over our heads.

In trying to identify the best tennis player of all time, the ranking provided does not in fact tell you how good a player is. It just gives you the number of wins, the length of his career and number of the games played. This does not indicate the level of the player. An early retirement will put the player low down on the list. Playing for many years will put the player on top of the ranking. Therefore, if you take the list to identify the best player, you will be mistaken. It is not right to clasify the players by their position, as it would be both inappropriate and insufficient.